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Project reports - Coford's thematic research programme

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Establishing and growing forests

  • Forest reproductive material (pdf 56Kb) 
    • ASHGEN (pdf 76Kb)  - Identifying the scale of suspected hybrid ash (F. excelsior x F. angustifolia) in Ireland and its potential for genetic pollution of indigenous ash germplasm
    • ASHQUAL (pdf 236Kb)  - Comparison of Irish ash seed sources
    • BEECHQUAL (pdf 223Kb)  - Testing seed stands of Irish beech
    • BIHIP (pdf 70Kb)  - British and Irish hardwood improvement programme
    • BIRCH (pdf 291Kb)  - Selection and improvement of Irish birch
    • EUFORGEN (pdf 72Kb)  - European Forest Genetic Resources Programme
    • OAKPROV (pdf 241Kb)  - Establishment of Irish oak seed stand and progeny trials
    • QUALIBROAD (pdf 72Kb)  - Improving the uniformity and quality of broadleaf planting stock
    • SEEDSTANDS (pdf 77Kb)  - The national catalogue of seeds
    • XMASFIR (pdf 279Kb)  - Trial of Danish noble fir Christmas tree sources
  • Silviculture (pdf 64Kb)   
    • BROADFORM (pdf 145Kb)  - Silviculture of new broadleaved plantations: shaping and thinning
    • CONTINUCOVER (pdf 70Kb)   - An evaluation of continuous cover forestry in Ireland
    • GBREVIEW (pdf 74Kb)  - Growing Broadleaves review
    • REDAREAS (pdf 395Kb)   - Management options for forests on western peatlands

  • Forest planning and management (pdf 57Kb)  


    • FORESTSCAN (pdf 72Kb)  - Terrestrial laser scanning technology for multi-resource forest inventories
    • NATFOREX (pdf 69Kb)  - Establishing a national resource of field trials and a database for forest research and demonstration
    • PractiSFM II (pdf 71Kb)    - PractiSFM - implementation, communication and optimisation
    • STANDMODEL (pdf 451Kb)   - Development of dynamic yield models for conifers, broadleaves and mixtures
    • TREEMODEL (pdf 70Kb)   - Development of single tree volume models and stem profile models
    • CLUSTER (pdf 158Kb)  - A cluster based approach for identifying farm forest resources to maximise potential markets
  • Forest health and protection (pdf 56Kb)   
    • ABATE (pdf 287Kb)  - Integrated reduced-chemical control of Hylobius abietis in Sitka spruce
    • SQUIRRELSURVEY (pdf 188Kb)   - Irish Squirrel Survey 2007

    Harvesting and products

  • Forest harvesting and transport (pdf 142Kb)  
    • GPSTRACK (pdf 157Kb)  - Assessment of GPS tracking devices and associated software suitable for real time monitoring of timber haulage trucks
    • LOADSENSOR (pdf 230Kb)   - Evaluation of air bag pressure sensors/gauges as load weighing devices for use on timber haulage trucks
  • Wood products (pdf 46Kb)  
    • EWP (pdf 228Kb)  - Engineered wood products
    • opportunities and threats for Ireland
    • HEATTREAT (pdf 321Kb)   - Heat treatment of fast-grown softwood
  • Wood energy (pdf 283Kb)  
    • FORESTENERGY (pdf 70Kb)  - Harvesting and processing forest biomass for energy production in Ireland
  • Non-wood products (pdf 63Kb)  
    • FARMFUNGI (pdf 69Kb)  - Production of edible fungi in the farm forest
    • FORESTFOLIAGE (pdf 70Kb)   - Management, screening and evaluation of a range of forest trees and associated ornamental species for suitability as cut foliage
    • FORESTFUNGI (pdf 444Kb)  - Assessment of wild edible fungal production in selected Irish forest sites and an evaluation of the commercial potential of harvesting
    • WILDFUNGI (pdf 67Kb)  - Wild fungi of Ireland

    Policy and public goods

  • Forest economics and policy (pdf 58Kb)  
    • FIRMEC (pdf 67Kb)  - Modelling the economics of forestry in Ireland
    • FORECON (pdf 69Kb)  - An economic evaluation of the market and non-market functions of forestry
    • POLFOR (pdf 70Kb)   - Forestry in a changing policy environment
  • Forests and climate change (pdf 74Kb) 
    • CARBIFOR II (pdf 358Kb)  - Carbon sequestration by Irish forest ecosystems
    • CARBWARE (pdf 189Kb)  - Development of tools and systems for reporting on forest carbon stocks and stock change under the Kyoto protocol and the UNFCCC
    • CLIMADAPT (pdf 147Kb)  - The use of Ecological Site Classification in adapting forests and their management to climate change
    • FORESTSOILC (pdf 72Kb)  - Soil carbon stock changes and greenhouse gas fluxes in Irish forests
  • Forest biodiversity (pdf 79Kb)  
    • FORESTBIO (pdf 287Kb)  - Managing for biodiversity in a range of Irish forest types
    • HENHARRIER (pdf 211Kb)  - Optimum scenarios for Hen Harrier conservation in Ireland
    • RHODO (pdf 277Kb)   - Achieving effective rhododendron control
    • FUNCTIONALBIO (pdf 272Kb)  - Functional biodiversity in forests diversity of soil decomposers and predatory and parasitic arthropods
  • Forests and water (pdf 50Kb)  
    • FORFLUX (pdf 67Kb)   - Biogeochemistry of Irish forests
    • SANIFAC (pdf 282Kb)   - Establishment of erodibility indices and soil and nutrients losses from forest soils
    • SILTATION II (pdf 224Kb)   - Quantification and management of erosion and siltation

  • Forests and recreation (pdf 56Kb)