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List of COFORD publications

COFORD Publications - books and reports (arranged in alphabetic order according to title)

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A comparison of the mechanical and physical wood properties of a range of Sitka spruce provenances
Mary Treacy, Jos Evertson and Áine Ní Dhubháin
Download pdf (pdf 206Kb) 
2004 A guide to forest tree species selection and silviculture in Ireland
Ted Horgan, Michael Keane, Richard McCarthy, Michael Lally and David Thompson. Edited by Joe O'Carroll
Download pdf (pdf 16,168Kb) 
2010 An evaluation of continuous cover forestry in Ireland
Áine Ní Dhubháin
Download pdf (pdf 2,084Kb) 
2006 A review of forest recreation research needs in Ireland
Michael Cregan and William Murphy
Download pdf (pdf 7,935Kb) 
2005 A review of legislation that impacts on Irish forestry
Barbara Maguire
Download pdf (pdf 625Kb) 
2010 A review of past and current research on short rotation coppice in Ireland and abroad
Jane Wickham, Bernard Rice, John Finnan and Rory McConnon
Download pdf (pdf 3,685Kb) 
2001 A review of relevant studies concerning farm forestry trends and farmers - attitudes to forestry
Brendan Kearney
Download pdf (pdf 66Kb) 
2001 A review of small-scale harvesting systems in use worldwide and their potential application in Irish forestry
Fionan Russell and Donal Mortimer
Download pdf (pdf 859Kb) 
1999 Ash and sycamore - A review of aspects relevant to Irish forestry
Pierre Bingelli and Brian S. Rushton

Brackloon - the story of an Irish oak wood
Deirdre Cunningham

Download pdf (pdf 6,016Kb) 
2001 Carbon credits in Ireland: Issues and potentials
Conor P. Barry, J. Peter Clinch and Frank J. Convery
Download pdf (pdf 266Kb) 
2006 Carbon sequestration and Irish forest ecosystems
Kevin G Black and Edward P Farrell
Download pdf (pdf 841Kb) 
1999 Carbon sequestration and Irish forests Download pdf (pdf 138Kb) 
2001 Carbon sequestration: Policy, science and economics
Editors: Eugene Hendrick and Miriam Ryan
Download pdf (pdf 521Kb) 
1997 Christmas tree growing in Ireland. A sectoral report outlining the opportunities and problems
Conor O'Reilly, David Hasslacher, William Murphy, Eugene Hendrick, Declan Ward, John Sheridan, Denis Kelleher, John Gardiner
Download pdf (pdf 5,395Kb) 
2009 COFORD Annual Report / Tuarascáil Bhliantúil
COFORD ANNUAL REPORT 2009 (pdf 6,411Kb) 
2000 Computer software requirements in forest management
Nik Hennessy and Damian Lawlor
Download pdf (pdf 130Kb) 
2008 Developing a forest resource on industrial cutaway peatland. The BOGFOR programme.
Florence Renou-Wilson, Michael Keane, Gerry McNally, John O'Sullivan, Edward P. Farrell
Download pdf (pdf 4,001Kb) 
1999 Economics of Irish forestry
J. Peter Clinch
2007 Engineered wood products in Ireland
Editor: Bill Robinson
Download pdf (pdf 1,749Kb) 
2002 Factors influencing farmer participation in forestry
Pat Collier, Jim Dorgan and Paul Bell
Download pdf (pdf 235Kb) 
2001 Forecast of roundwood production from the forests of Ireland 2001-2015
Gerhardt Gallagher and Joe O'Carroll
Download pdf (pdf 114Kb) 
2008 Forest fungi in Ireland
Paul Dowding and Louis Smith
  Forest drainage engineering - A design manual
John Mulqueen, Michael Rodgers, Eugene Hendrick, Michael Keane, Richard McCarthy
Download pdf (pdf 1,434Kb) 
2002 Forest mammals - management and control
Seán Rooney and Thomas J. Hayden
Download pdf (pdf 13,051Kb) 
2003 Forest regulation - A threat to production forestry?
Editor: Eugene Hendrick
Download pdf (pdf 1,094Kb) 

Forest Research and Development in Ireland 2004 - Underpinning industry development
Editor: Eugene Hendrick

Download pdf (pdf 4,048Kb) 
2001 Forest residues: Harvesting, storage and fuel value
Seamus Hoyne and Adrian Thomas
Download pdf (pdf 3,119Kb) 
2004 Forest road manual. Guidelines for the design, construction and management of forest roads
Tom Ryan, Henry Phillips, James Ramsay and John Dempsey
Download pdf (pdf 4,057Kb) 
2002 Forestry and bird diversity in Ireland: a management and planning guide
J. O'Halloran, P.M. Walsh, P.S. Giller and T.C. Kelly
Download pdf (pdf 534Kb) 
2004 Forestry in Ireland - A concise history
Niall OCarroll
2002 Forests and water: Proceedings of seminar
Editors: Eugene Hendrick and Lauren MacLennan
Download pdf (pdf 1,898Kb) 
2008 Forests, carbon and climate change - Local and international perspectives
Editors: Eugene Hendrick and Kevin G. Black
Download pdf (pdf 2,754Kb) 
1998 Growing broadleaves
P.M. Joyce, J. Huss, R. McCarthy, A. Pfeifer and E. Hendrick
2004 Guide to Irish hardwoods
Gordon Knaggs and Stella Xenopoulou
Download pdf (pdf 2,540Kb) 
2006 Handbook on structural timber design to Eurocode 5 (IS EN 1995-1-1) rules
James Harrington, Malcolm Jacob and Colin Short
Download pdf (pdf 185Kb) 
2007 Harvesting and processing forest biomass for energy production in Ireland - The ForestEnergy 2006 programme
Pieter D. Kofman and Tom Kent
Download pdf (pdf 2,175Kb) 
2009 If trees could talk. Wicklow's trees and woodlands over four centuries
Michael Carey
1997 Japanese forestry and harvesting techniques
Myles Mac Donncadha
Download pdf (pdf 4,179Kb) 
1998 Management requirements for farm woodlands
Sarah Wall and Áine Ní Dhubháin
Download pdf (pdf 2,508Kb) 
2003 Managing our broadleaf resource to produce quality hardwood timber
Editors: John Fennessy and Lauren MacLennan
Download pdf (pdf 662Kb) 
2002 Managing the impacts of forest clearfelling on stream environments Paul Giller, Meike Johnson and John O'Halloran Download pdf (pdf 2,870Kb) 
2004 Market review and technical performance of Irish hardwoods
Stella Xenopoulou
Download pdf (pdf 1,008Kb) 
2004 Markets for non-wood forest products
Pat Collier, Ian Short and James Dorgan
Download pdf (pdf 691Kb) 
2007 Mulch mats - their potential in establishing forest and other tree crops
Nick Mc Carthy, Claire Mc Carthy and Milo O Rathaille
Download pdf (pdf 3,393Kb) 
2004 Opportunities for biodiversity enhancement in plantation forests
Editor: Lauren MacLennan
Download pdf (pdf 3,664Kb) 
2006 Plant quality - a key to success in forest establishment
Editors: Lauren MacLennan and John Fennessy
Download pdf (pdf 960Kb) 
2000 Quantification of the yields of Irish grown Sitka spruce in the new CEN strength classes
Valez Picardo
2009 Roundwood production from private sector forests 2009-2028. A geospatial forecast
Henry Phillips, John Redmond, Máirtín Mac Siúrtáin and Anita Nemesova
Download pdf (pdf 906Kb) 
2005 Rural Ireland 2025 - Foresight Perspectives

Download pdf (pdf 1,537Kb) 
2006 Small-scale forestry and rural development - The intersection of ecosystems, economics and society
Editor: Sarah Wall
Download conference papers 
2002 Sitka spruce in Ireland
Padraic M. Joyce and Niall OCarroll
2000 Soil and site indicators for the production of high quality ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.)
C. M. Kilbride
Download pdf (pdf 509Kb) 
1999 Strategies for improvement of forest trees
G. C. Douglas
2007 Sustaining and developing Ireland's forest genetic resources - an outline strategy
Gerard Cahalane, Pat Doody, Gerry Douglas, John Fennessy, Conor O'Reilly, Alistair Pfeifer
Download pdf (pdf 1,563Kb) 
2007 The environmental impact of planting broadleaved trees on acid-sensitive soils
Marcus Collier and Edward P. Farrell
Download pdf (pdf 667Kb) 

The improvement of Irish birch
Niamh O'Dowd

Download pdf (pdf 853Kb) 
2007 The Irish squirrel survey 2007
Michael Carey, Geoff Hamilton, Alan Poole, Colin Lawton
Download pdf (pdf 4,120Kb) 
2006 The socio-economic contribution of forestry in Ireland
Áine Ní Dhubháin, Marie-Christine Fléchard, Richard Moloney, Deirdre O'Connor and Tim Crowley
Download pdf (pdf 290Kb) 
2000 Timber measurement manual
Patrick Purser
Download pdf (pdf 1,422Kb) 
2005 Trees, forests and the law in Ireland
Damian McHugh and Gerhardt Gallagher
2001 Vegetative propagation techniques for oak, ash, sycamore and spruce
David Thompson, Fiona Harrington, Gerry Douglas, Michael J. Hennerty, Nasrin Nakhshab and Roger Long
Download pdf (pdf 340Kb) 
2005 Wood biomass: Wood for energy production (Irish edition)
Helle Serup
Download pdf (pdf 1,055Kb)